Alzheimer’s treatments, Do natural treatments actually work?

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Alzheimer’s treatments Do natural treatment actually work?

What is Alzheimer’s disease? And Do natural Alzheimer’s treatments actually work? 

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, a serious brain disorder that impacts daily living through memory loss and cognitive changes. Alzheimer’s treatments

Although not all memory loss indicates Alzheimer’s disease, one in ten people over 65 years of age, and over half of those over 85 have Alzheimer’s disease. Currently, 26 million people worldwide have this dementia, and over 15 million Americans will be affected by the year 2050.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease usually develop slowly and gradually worsen over time, progressing from mild forgetfulness to widespread brain impairment. Chemical and structural changes in the brain slowly destroy the ability to create, remember, learn, reason, and relate to others. As critical cells die, drastic personality loss occurs and body systems fail.

Doctors are still unsure of what causes the condition, but they can treat the symptoms until such a time as the sufferer passes away. Research continues in earnest to find both the cause and the cure for this terrible disease.

There are a number of Alzheimer’s drug treatments on the market, but there are also a range of natural Alzheimer’s treatments available. The question is, do any of these natural Alzheimer’s treatments actually work?



The people that fully support the use of natural Alzheimer’s treatments are generally:

  • those who have an issue with using Western medicines, despite the documented proof that many of them can help with symptoms of the disease.
  • Some people believe that manufactured drugs do more harm than good, and while this is true in some cases, it doesn’t give the whole story.
  • They may claim that everything that can heal the body can be found in nature.

It is an interesting concept, but does it have any real world applications?

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One of the most popular natural Alzheimer’s treatments is Ginko Biloba, a naturally occurring herb that is said to help with memory loss.

How does it fare with Alzheimer’s disease?

  • Yes, it does, but only during the early stages of the disease.
  • It is not a long term answer to the growing memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Current studies suggest that it has less and less effect as the disease progresses.

The FDA and Natural Alzheimer’s Treatment in the US:

In the US, as with much of the rest of the western world, it is problematic to find what really works with natural Alzheimer’s treatments as they are not regulated by the government.

In the US, these treatments don’t go through the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration), and thus victims are generally only offered manufactured drugs to help with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Doctors will tend to promote proven forms of medication instead of natural Alzheimer’s treatments, as they would risk losing funding otherwise.


  • Natural Alzheimer’s treatments may will help with some aspects of the early stages of the disease.
  • but as yet there are no natural Alzheimer’s treatments that have the potency of manufactured Alzheimer’s drug treatments.
  • Research continues into both manufactured and natural Alzheimer’s treatments, so there may yet be progress made.


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