Exercises and Tips for Arthritic People!

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Exercises and Tips for Arthritic People?

Exercises and Tips for Arthritic patients!

What is Arthritis Disease ? & What Exercises Do for People With Arthritis?

Arthritis is a disease that affects the bones and joints. It is a debilitating disease that can evolve from the usual arthritic condition to gouty arthritis. Usually occurring in older people, arthritis can happen in the younger generation as well.

Even babies are not spared from the disease. Although pain medicines are available to help alleviate soreness experienced by people suffering from arthritis, doctors still recommend exercise and proper diet to totally be relieved of the condition.

Arthritis sufferers should consult with their doctor before beginning an exercise regimen.


The recommended kinds and quantity of exercise will involve the following conditions:

  • the joints affected.
  • the extent of inflammation.
  • joint stability.
  • a medical history involving joint replacement or joint surgery. 

A good individual exercise program beneficial to the treatment and rehabilitation of arthritis patients can be drawn up by a rheumatologist or physical therapist.

Do Arthritis Sufferers Need To Exercise?

A lot of research has shown evidence that exercise can have positive effects on people suffering from arthritis. Some of these benefits include:

  • reduction of joint pain and joint stiffness.
  • increased flexibility.
  • development of muscle strength.
  • enhanced of vascular health.
  • improvement in endurance.
  • exercise prevents obesity and promotes physical and emotional well-being.

And Always Remember, Exercise: 

  • as an alternative healing method for arthritis, is good not only for the whole body but for the mind as well.
  • It helps ease the pain and tautness of the joints.
  • Through regular exercising, combined with a healthy diet, one can improve the litheness of the body and muscle strength.
  • Likewise, a good exercise routine helps one maintain the body weight that the bones and joints can carry, as well as enhance the elasticity of the joints.
  • Exercise is most beneficial when you do it on a regular basis.
    It helps relieve the pain and improve the quality of life in arthritic patients.

Incorporating Exercise as Arthritis Treatment

Doctors recommend exercise as part of a broad spectrum of arthritis treatments.

Some of these treatments may involve:

  • rest and recreation nutritious diet.
  • a nutritious diet.
  • proper medication.

Arthritis treatment also consists of medical advice for:

  • correct joint use.
  • how to conserve physical energy.
  • various methods of reducing pain.

Recommended Tips for Arthritic patients:

1. Follow a simple regimen:

Patients with arthritis have compromised joints. It is difficult for arthritic patients to do strenuous exercises.

  • So you should start with simple exercises that do not exert your joints and muscles.
  • Consult your doctor and physiotherapist before you start exercising.
  • Patients with arthritis cannot do all kinds of exercises.
  • You can start with easy range of motion exercises and low impact aerobics.
  • You can also break up your exercise for 10 minutes session per day.

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2. Understand the benefits and importance of exercise:

  • People with arthritis need to lose weight.
  • This is because extra weight shall put more stress on the joints.
  • This shall worsen the problem.
  • Thus, healthy weight loss becomes mandatory.

3. Set attainable goals:

  • Be practical about setting goals for yourself when you start exercising.

4. Follow up with the physiotherapist: 

  • Exercise is not the treatment plan for arthritis.
  • It is an adjunct therapy given to relieve the joint pain.
  • Exercise strengthens the muscles and joints.
  • It increases flexibility and endurance.
  • Apart from this it leads to better overall health and fitness and finally healthy weight loss.

5. Join group exercises:

Interact with other patients with arthritis while exercising:

  • This helps in understanding how others are affected by it.
  • Some of them can help you out with an advice to relieve pain which worked for them.
  • Exercising alone may get monotonous for you.
  • Group exercise sessions encourage you to exercise.

Starting to exercise may seem a daunting proposition:

  • Just remember to take it slow and make it fun.
  • You can start with warm up and flexibility exercises.
  • This increases your range of motion and helps you to do daily tasks.

Then you can gradually move on to weight training and endurance exercises:

  • If you are in pain then you can start with water exercise programs.
  • In water due to buoyancy there is less stress on joints.

Following are some exercises that are best suited for people with arthritis:

1. Strengthening exercises: The goal of this exercise is to improve and boost the body’s muscle strength, which are particularly important for the bones and joints, (e.g weight training).

2. Range of motion exercises:  These types of exercises are beneficial to sustaining and enhancing joint flexibility and suppleness of surrounding tissue (e.g  dancing).

3. Aerobic/endurance exercises: Specifically, water aerobics are extremely helpful for arthritis sufferers because this type of exercise is more focused on resistance training. (e.g  jogging, jumping jacks, cycling, and dancing sessions) which are all great exercises for knee and leg injuries.bicycle riding that improves cardiovascular functions.

4. Yoga. With the different yoga poses or “asanas”, arthritis sufferers gain a sound body and a sound mind. When doing yoga, the body is trained to do various stretching techniques that help maintain the body’s flexibility, thus the joints and the bones stay elastic. This is somewhat similar with range and motion exercises that aim to enhance body suppleness and reduce joints stiffness.

Through habitual exercise, arthritis sufferers will experience encouraging effects on the entire body. Before engaging in any of the aforementioned exercises, it is necessary for patients to consult with doctors or therapists if their body and joints can handle those types of workouts.


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Disclaimer: “Nothing in this article makes any claim to offer cures or treatment of any disease or illness. If you are sick please consult with your doctor.”


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