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Understanding How Weight Loss Works?

Before you can lose any weight, you have to understand how weight loss works. Your metabolism a fancy word for your energy level. This is what keeps you going and also burns off calories. Your metabolism continues to work.

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Understanding The Need Of Losing Weight!

There are a lot of reasons why people want to lose weight. It varies from health reasons to fad or just because you are too pressured with looking good so that people will like you. No matter what reason you have in your mind. 

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Eating For Your Eye Color" Weight Loss Diet!

Undoubtedly you've heard of the popular book, "The Blood Type Diet". In fact, the 'type' of blood you have is identified by the presence or absence of antigens named A and B is significant What blood type you are.

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Create Your Own Weight Loss Program!

Weight loss really isn't as much of a challenge as it seems. It will have a very high reward, if you are willing to give it the determination and patience required to make it a success.

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Cutting Calories To Ensure Healthy Weight Loss!

Losing weight can cause a person a lot of aggravation. People often hit plateaus in their weight loss journeys. Fortunately, you can continue your progress from a plateau by trying something else.

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19 Fat Burning Foods To Lose Weight!

How many time did You look for the miracle food for weight loss? Maybe with exotic name and fancy look? Well, maybe you’re forgetting those commonly available foods, often undervalued but, 

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What is Belly Fat?

Usually, belly fat is subcutaneous fat, which is underneath the skin. If you have problems with abdominal fat, it may also be visceral fat. This is also known as "organ fat" that is packed between your internal organs.

This is also known as the "pot belly" or the "beer belly". It is associated with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and colorectal cancer.

In recent studies, scientists have come to realize that it isn’t really how much a person weighs-It’s their amount of body fat that truly indicates obesity.

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s imaging techniques were developed that helped improve the understanding of exactly how many health risks can be associated with the accumulation of body fat.

These include "tomography and magnetic resonance" which help divide masses of tissue in the abdominal region.

For women, belly fat is more common after menopause.

Sometimes, those people who just think this goes hand-in-hand with getting older, and don’t realize the danger it can cause. While women feel like it is just something that makes them go up a size in their jeans, it does carry health risks. Like fat in any other area, it is determined by balancing your calories you take in with the energy you burn. 

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